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Amazing Venue

Witness incredible Nightlife in the head turning venue in Washington D.C's resto bar, dancing and bottle-servicing repertoire.

The Amenities

An incredible mix of restaurant, lounge, and event space on four floors overlooking Franklin Square in Downtown D.C. Offering a sense of timeless elegance, beautiful views, and a warm and welcoming interior

Prepare to be amazed

Not just a party

It's an incredible experience that you will never forget.

Best of D.C.

See why we were voted best Happy Hour

Your one stop shop

Let us host your next amazing event

Incredible Atmosphere

A unique and welcoming look and feel to suit all your needs.

Amazing Events

The Awards

Best Bar

Voter's Choice

Best Happy Hour

Voter's Choice

Best Nightclub

Voter's Choice

Best Hip Hop NIght

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The Artists

Park Social