The Park has another trick up their sleeves.

It's called dancing, champagne, patios and other things that make life great



There are certain unwritten rules in life. Some examples:

- Always hold the door for people.

- Never stand at home plate and admire your home run blast.

- Always seek out drinks and well deserved cuisine.


Regarding that late one, may we introduce you to The Park at 14th, the prestigious Restaurant and Nightlife venue located in Washington, D.C.

What you have here is a little taste of heaven, mixed with a swirl of Washington, D.C. Not to mention a world class menu and was recently voted Best of D.C.'s "Best Happy Hour." (Just to name a few) 

Should you find yourself here on a forthcoming Thursday, make sure you check out the outdoor patio, where you can partake in all the well known festivities, all year round, no matter the weather. And don't worry, it comes complete with a full outdoor bar, along with a private table for bottle service and a delicious yet reasonably priced full course menu. (You're welcome)

As you step inside the venue, prepare to be overwhelmingly amazed at all the incredible sights of all four floors. Order the fan favorite (Jerk Wings and Mac and Cheese), then sit with the friends that tagged along with you or the person you just landed an awesome connection with on one of the comfy leather couches to appreciate the addictive tunes and mesmerizing ambience.

Should you find yourself here on any other day, you can still eat and drink all that other delicious items that are already mentioned here.

As the club occupies and spirals into the sunset, you’ll probably see some well known faces, or maybe even some world renowned faces.

There's always a little something special about Thursday, one of the most anticipated day of the week. Start your Thursday here at The Park.