DC Dinner and Day party (1).png

Delicately cultivated ingredients make up this ultra delectable dinner menu. Cuisines you've only dreamed about before now —wilder, tastier, just plain better.

Add that to slick and suave bartenders catering to your whim. Every cocktail under the sun and a few we've thrown in just for the thrill of it.

In case you've yet to guess it, you're cordially invited to join us at The Park at 14th for an evening affair of sheer luxury. This is five whole hours of some of the most temptingly decadent dishes and carefully crafted cocktails.

Dress to impress — we certainly will — and bring your most sophisticated entourage. Tell the others you're busy; not to call or text. Because, this Saturday, the finest establishment in town is calling your name.

RSVP for your complimentary cocktail!