After a week of nothing but hustle, you deserve to relax.

We're prescribing a delectable evening spent over a 6 course meal with glasses of wine pairings.

So dinner can’t just be dinner. In fact, nothing short of a 6 courses pre fix wine dinner will do...

We're talking cream of crab soup, sea bass champagne served with peppercorn sauce, and a sizzling beef tenderlon course.

Let's not forget the most incredible wine pairing, featuring the finest champagne and wine spirits from across the country.

This isn’t the kind of thing that can be a spontaneous drop-in. Whether you’re setting up an intimate date, or an elite little business dinner for some extremely valuable clients, you’ll need to book your table at least week in advance.

When your night arrives, you’ll step into a beautiful four floor restaurant, complete with fancy hand blown chandeliers. This is where you'll take your seat... and dig in.

In other words, you’ll want to pace yourself.


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